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North of Disko

Ó Ghaillimh go dtí An Ghrianlaoinn

A Documentary of An Irish Adventure


In June 2013, under the watchful eye of veteran adventurer Jamie Young, a novice crew of men and women sailed from Killary Harbour in County Galway to the wilderness of Greenland, deep inside the Arctic Circle. Once there, a team kayaked 500km along the spectacular Greenland coast while another team attempted to climb unconquered towering rock-walls. 


Among the crew were film maker Claire Riordan and photographer Daragh Muldowney. Their images make up this fascinating documentary. Between them they captured the range of experiences and emotions encountered by our brave adventurers; from the harsh realities of life on the North Atlantic in a cramped 49ft yacht, to the heart-achingly beautiful scenery of a landscape under threat; from the vast isolation of the Arctic Circle to feasting with locals on whale blubber, walrus and polar bear stew!

Jamie Young's ambition for this voyage was to pass on the spirit of adventure to a new generation of Irish people.

Watch North of Disko here


Is Olc an Ghaoth

Is Olc an Ghaoth (It's an ill wind)

Broadcast on TG4 on November 1st 2020 at 10.30pm

Is giorradh gaol ná cairdeas. Ach nuair a tháinig an cóibhid go hAcaill cuireadh deireadh leis an seantórramh agus an chlann ag teacht le chéile ag caoineadh an mhairbh sna scéalta aisteacha seo faoi dheartháireacha Grimm Acla agus iad ag caitheamh a saoil faoi scáth an víoras corónach.


Blood they say is thicker than water. But when COVID comes to Achill all the old ways of waking the dead, and gathering the family together to mourn, are thrown out the window in these curious tales of Achill’s Brothers Grimm, living and dying under the shadow of the Coronavirus.

Film #1
Ceithre Chéad Meacháin (400cwt /400 weight)

Nuair a thagann corp a ndearthár Máirtín abhaile ó Mheiriceá le linn paindéim an chóibhid i gcónra mór millteach, is deacair do na deartháireacha Pádraig agus Eamonn atá in earraid le chéile, teacht ar réiteach faoin tórramh.


When their dead brother Máirtín comes home from America in an enormous bronze casket during the COVID pandemic two estranged brothers Padraig and Eamonn struggle over what to do for his wake.

Film #2
I bhFlaithis Dé (God's Own Pocket)

Mourning his dead brother, and in desperate search of a pint in the COVID lockdown, Padraig gets more than he bargained for from the local pub landlady Síle and her lost dreams of Dallas.

Le linn do Phádraig bheith ag caoineadh a dhearthár agus dúil mharfach aige i bpionta aimsir dhianghlasáil chóibhid, baineann Síle, bean an tabhairne preab as lena brionglóidí faoi Dallas.

Film #3
Sioscadh na Marbh (The Grateful Dead)

Agus Pádraig ar strae sa bhfiántas in Acaill castar Poncánach mistéireach i gcarr aisteach air agus barraíocht eolais aige faoin saol, an bás agus Pádraig.


Marooned in the wilds of Achill, Padraig stumbles on a mysterious Yank in a strange car who knows too much about life, death and Padraig.

Watch Is Olc an Ghaoth here


Rásaí na Gaillimhe

TG4’s drama series, ‘Rásaí na Gaillimhe’ (The Galway Races), directed by Robert Quinn, follows the fortunes of a disparate yet intricately connected group of characters through an exciting race week in the city of the tribes.


The first series is comprised of seven episodes of forty minutes duration. 

Each episode of the series will be based on one of the seven deadly sins of Pride, Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Wrath and Greed and their relevance to modern life in Ireland. 

The first series boasts an impressive cast and colourful characters; Ultan Keane, played by Don Wycherley, is a venial and pampered government minister who is assigned special branch officer Cathal Creed played by Tomás O’Suilleabhán. Ruth Bradley’s Aoife character is a local Galway guard itching for the big time but frustrated by years of menial duties. Noel, played by Owen Roe, is a horse owner who will stop at nothing to protect his family name. Frankie McCafferty plays the role of Liam Reilly, a jockey who is fed up of throwing up to maintain racing weight.

The first series is directed by Robert Quinn (Seacht/Dead Bodies) and written by James Phelan. DOP for the series is Cian De Buitlear. The series was funded by TG4, The Irish Film Board and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.

Watch the first series of Rásaí na Gaillimhe on the TG4 player here


The Last Furlong

Simon Delaney stars as a Portuguese singer who comes to Ireland to find his Irish roots

A light-hearted, comic tale of a Portuguese singer who comes to Ireland following his mother’s death to scatter her ashes on his Irish father’s grave. Diogo Furlong was brought up in Alentejo, Portugal by his mother but always took a keen interest in Ireland- the country of his father.  Diogo’s father died in a tragic boating accident on Lough Allen and when Diogo’s mother dies, he decides to take a trip to Ireland to scatter her ashes on his father’s grave and reunite the lovers in death.  The only clue that Diogo has as to the whereabouts of his father’s resting place is a postcard that his mother gave to him with a picture of a church.  He takes the postcard and an urn with his mother’s ashes and heads to Dublin leaving his fiancée Claudia at home in Portugal.
In Dublin, Diogo is greeted by David Daly, a music promoter whom Diogo has met several times in Portugal.  David promises to help Diogo find his father’s grave but not before he persuades Diogo to embark on a singing tour of Ireland. Rather reluctantly, David’s daughter Margaret, (who sees herself as more of a filmmaker) agrees to manage Diogo’s tour. A band is hired and Diogo and The Fandangos hit the road.  The entourage also includes Margaret’s boyfriend John and friend Sean who decide to film Diogo’s quest to find his father’s grave. A whistle-stop tour of Ireland’s graveyards and not so legendary venues ensues, as Diogo sings by night and searches for his father’s resting place by day. 

Diogo Furlong: Simon Delaney; Mags Daly: Orla Fitzgerald
John: Simon Keogh; Sean: Domhnall Gleeson; David Daly:  Garrett Keogh
Claudia: Christianne Gadd

The Band
Dean: Allan Keating; Bradley: Wuzza Conlon; Jack: Gerry Moore

Written and Directed by Kieran Carney.  


Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise was a six-part drama series made for RTÉ Two. Set somewhere in contemporary Ireland, Trouble in Paradise follows the highs and lows of three local families, the Littles, the Doogans and the McShanes, as they battle it out over love and land.

Jolene Little (Charlene Gleeson) has it all. She’s 21, pretty, blonde and smart.  Living in The Hacienda, a huge house on the edge of town, with her parents Doc (Lorcan Cranitch) and Annie (Angeline Ball) and her younger brother Randy (Briain Gleeson), Jolene is the apple of her Daddy’s eye. Not only is her family very wealthy, but she’s been the envy of every girl in town since she bagged boyfriend Seamus Doogan (Adam Fergus), the local golden boy.

But the Littles weren’t always wealthy. It’s not that long ago they lived in The Villas on the bad side of town, when Doc and Annie were in Country & Western band Doc Little and The Patients. So just how did the Littles make it large? Their story is that Doc was bequeathed a lot of money by a friend, but the gossips of Belltown have other ideas. Some think the real reason is connected to McShane’s woods. 

In fact, most of the residents of Belltown consider the Littles to be trash, and Garda Donie Doogan (Declan Conlan) – oldest brother of Seamus – is no exception. Since their parents died years ago he has been mother and father to Seamus and as far as he is concerned the Littles aren’t good enough for pillars of the community like the Doogans.

So when Seamus and Jolene get engaged Donie is determined to do everything he can to break them up, setting off a chain of events that looks sure to make life for the Littles very hard indeed. Things aren’t looking too good for the McShane’s either. Once the local gentry, they’ve now been forced to hand over the last vestige of their wealth.  

Will the newly arrived motley band of eco warriors be enough to turn the McShane’s fortunes around? Will Jolene and Seamus weather the storm?  Can Doc keep his secrets buried? Will Siofra McShane upset the applecart? 

Written by Barbara Bergin (Love is the Drug), directed by Emer Reynolds.

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